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Premium Adhesive & Primer

LW Flooring is now proud to offer a variety of adhesive & primer flooring products to maximize your LW floors lifetime and natural beauty. Each adhesive and primer has recommended usages with specific product types, depending on your installation needs.

Timeless by Design.

The French Impressions collection by LW Flooring showcases gentle wire-brushed strokes on gorgeous sliced European White Oak veneer.

Make Your Home an Escape to Paradise.

The Paradise Island collection by LW Flooring features wide, luxurious European Oak that adds a beautiful coastal theme to your home.

Designed for real life. Inspired by you.

The collection of vinyl flooring is ideal for homes with kids, pets, high-traffic areas, and lively households.

Make Your Floor the Centerpiece of Your Home

The brand-new Pristine collection by LW Flooring features Select grade European Oak for a clean, pure, and unblemished look capturing nature’s true elegance.

Realistic Wood Visuals.

The Riverstone collection by LW Flooring features a Rigid Core Vinyl construction for a durable, long-lasting, and beautiful floor for your home. Unique colors you won’t find anywhere else.

Our best selling wood collection.

The Sonoma Valley collection by LW Flooring features many of our best-selling and most beautiful colors. This collection features many stunning wood species and styles.

Hardwood Flooring

Waterproof Flooring

Adhesive & Primer | Underlayment

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LW Flooring Internet Sales Policy
The internet is great tool for doing research and services for flooring material, including LW Flooring Collections, but it cannot substitute a visit to an Authorized LW Flooring Retailer near you. Visiting an Authorized LW Flooring Retailer is a must when considering any and all LW Flooring Collections and Sundries purchases.

LW Flooring Product Warranty Protection
LW Flooring Collections and Sundries should never be purchased through the internet. LW Flooring Manufacturers Warranty is only honored by Authorized LW Flooring Retailers. Any internet purchase of LW Flooring Collections and Sundries products determined to be purchased through the internet will void all manufacturer warranty. When a client/consumer purchases from a non-authorized LW Flooring Retailer a number of issues can arise. The main cause of legitimate claims in the flooring industry would mostly be installation related. When a client/consumer buys from an internet out-of-state retailer, they often use an unauthorized local installer to install the flooring material. Installation problems may occur immediately or several years later and these issues will only be addressed by LW Flooring with an inspection on claims by the authorized seller. This is virtually impossible when the floor is purchased and shipped from a different state. “LW Flooring Collections and Sundries purchased through the internet are not covered by any Manufacturers Warranty. LW Flooring does not accept warranty claims on material purchases determined to have been made through internet sales. Trans-shipping of LW Flooring Collections and Sundries is strictly prohibited. Authorized LW Flooring Retailers are prohibited from displaying prices and/or selling via the internet”.

Authorized LW Flooring Retailers Know Their Craft
Authorized LW Flooring Retailers know their craft and are experts in LW Flooring products. Their advice and education on all LW Flooring Collections and Sundries is crucial in making a purchase. Authorized LW Flooring Retailers have the ability to evaluate the project needs for each client/consumer, present the best options, and provide samples that best suit the character and color than any internet picture and/or graphic. The best way to ensure any client/consumer is getting a genuine LW Flooring Collection or Sundry with the proper installation to maximize the life of their product selected for years to come is to purchase from an Authorized LW Flooring Retailer.

Buying LW Flooring Collections and Sundries Online – STOP – DON’T
Clients/Consumers who choose to use the internet to find and educate themselves on LW Flooring Collections and Sundries should always be skeptical of internet websites/portals/sellers/self-proclaimed dealers who are offering deep discounted pricing on LW Flooring Collections and Sundries. These discounted internet prices could be a measure of misrepresented, knock-offs, smoke-and-mirror, bait and switch selling tactics and/or non-disclosed costs such as shipping and installation. Authorized LW Flooring Retailers do NOT display pricing via the internet, nor do they sell LW Flooring Collections and Sundries via online portals and shopping carts. If you are considering a LW Flooring Collection or Sundry purchase and would like to verify that you are ACTUALLY purchasing from a verified Authorized LW Flooring Retailer, please feel free to call us direct 352-328-7491 or contact us via the internet at info@lwflooring.com and a customer service representative will gladly help you.

LW Flooring – Product Images and Graphics
Product images and graphics, by nature, can never fully show the real beauty, color, warmth, finish, and style of any LW Flooring Collection product. While we work hard to make sure our collections have the overall best representation on the internet, the internet should never replace a visit to an Authorized LW Flooring Retailer for the final selection and purchase. Moreover, LW Flooring Collection images represented on non-authorized websites and portals may be of second generation image, copied without our permission, and not representative of the actual floor color, finish, quality, and/or detail. Please be reminded that only Authorized LW Flooring Retailers have our permission to link to lwflooring.com and use sample images and room visualizer. We recommend a potential client/consumer internet users take advantage of the above mentioned features but also visit their local Authorized LW Flooring Retailer to ensure they are buying the correct material featured on the internet.

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